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He discusses all types of energy. His main subject is replacing our aging power system with hydrogen plumbing also replacing storage batteries with compressed hydrogen tanks. He knows that it takes energy to get hydrogen, and he proposes a different type of collection method that could put every farmer in the world in the hydrogen collection business. Thus our crops are protected, and the farmers will have a new source of income. he believes it is extremely dangerous to drill in our oceans.  They are the main source of our food supply.  If we pollute them and they die, we will die with them. There is also a blog entry about CO2.  That is generated by humans, not having any effect at all.


Nature is responsible for Globule Climate change! Not Man. See proof

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Bob quotes from the Pickens  plan and describes a new way of looking at energy.  So the cost can be brought down, which will reduce the price of everything.   It includes looking at nuclear power in a different way.  Small units, not big units. The Navy has been sailing small units for a long time. We need a Navy Corps of Engineers, to bring that technology onto the land.

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