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Most women do not like admitting that they have sexual fantasies. They won't talk about them. Most men are open about sexual fantasies. Married women in particular, believe that sexual fantasies are taboo and not to be enjoyed, because they are married.

Many give up both fantasies and physical sex, because their husband has little to no interest in it. To a woman this is the ultimate insult a real kick in the ass. But she takes it because she is a wife, and that means she has to suppress who she is, especially in the area of sexuality. It is a confidence destroyer and extremely controlling. The pressure of this control eventually will build up and take away much of a woman's feelings of happiness.
A woman who is happy sexually is going to have a considerably happier life than one who has no sex. I am surprised at the number of women that told me that they use a vibrator. But they wouldn't dare tell their husband. Others have told me, if it wasn't for phone and cybersex they would probably bitch their marriage right out of existence.

Now if your husband is the one that is fucking your brains loose that is great. The truth is, maybe when you're young, this can be accomplished, but usually as a marriage drags on sex, especially for the man becomes a drag. Women as they age, usually in their late 40s become mentally more sexually active and are interested in experimenting with new things and positions. Things like vibrators, phone and cybersex which can't happen without fantasizing.

Fantasizing is a method of experimenting with sex in your own mind. Remember, there is no touching another human being. It is the same type of feeling that you get when you read something that you enjoy. It's only a piece of paper with ink on it. But your imagination makes it function for your pleasure. Reading a good sex story or using a vibrator can be an incredible sexual experience. That will result in orgasm.

What helps makes phone and cybersex so gratifying for many of us is how it amplifies masturbation. It also is very liberating. It allows us to use and manipulate all those words and explore those different positions that in most social environments would remain trapped inside. There is no shame or guilt associated with it. You should let your mind free.

Talk real sexy during phone or cybersex. Be just as mischievously as you want. Example: If you like big cocks let your partner know and tell him to describe it for you in all its enormous detail. In your mind it will be the biggest cock you ever had the pleasure of playing with. You are free to be the aggressor or remain passive. With that portion of your mind spread wide open like your legs would be in standard intercourse. Mentally, you must learn to expose that pussy and have it ready for action. Tell them if you want to fuck slow or fast. Tell them if you like your pussy sucked or at least your clitoris played with.

If you're asking why I'm talking about phone and cybersex in the fantasy section of my site because it is a fantasy of your own making. Then you mix your imagination with someone else's. It is like taking a super vitamin pill that builds up your libido along with your self-worth and feelings of confidence.

Some of the most amorous, sexual and sensual material is written by women. They can be downright raunchy but reading it and thinking about it (fantasies can be fun). It is an affirmation that her sexuality remains intact. Sexuality being one of those things that many women hide or are embarrassed by. In my experience I have found that any woman who doesn't say she wants to be sexually attractive is not telling herself the truth. Nature has built in the desire for a woman to enjoy sexual attention from men. Men also make no bones about it. Look at a guys eyes when a beautiful woman walks by.

I am developing this site so any female that wishes to experience her fantasies. Has somewhere that will help her make that happen. It does not matter if your married or single.

If this is your first time thinking about a fantasy. Remember, it is only a fantasy any position you want to get in, no matter how ridiculous, is totally acceptable. After all, you're only using your mind. Science has proven that keeping yourself mentally active is the best thing that you can do to have a happy life. A good porn novel written by a very salacious woman could be just the spicy type of action that will keep your mind alive.

Add a vibrator and good cyber phone sex partner, and you'll have orgasms that exceed anything you've ever experienced. The best part about it. Is, it won't make you pregnant or give you a disease. Is truly safe sex and well worth experiencing.

Many of my married friends have fantasies about having sex with multiple partners. To get in the positions that they tell me about you would have to be a contortionist. But it makes them cum usually more than once. Others develop fantasies to use with Phone or Cybersex. When they're alone they use their imagination all by itself.

Tell us your experiences, if you're using a vibrator or you participate in phone or cybersex. And what age you are. Don't forget to give us some information It's ok to use a screen name or no name at all. This particular activity seems to be more prevalent with women in their late 40s. And gets more intense as a woman ages. I have found no top age limit.

I have added a fantasy that was told to me by one of my friend. I have chosen this because it is one of the more bizarre and detailed fantasies that I have heard. It shows the effect on the mind that blocking things out can cause.

The anger was building as she grew older and started to become afraid of losing her youth and never really enjoying all her sexuality. This anger that she had toward her husband she kept buried deep inside. She was pretending that she was doing her duty as a married woman and forgetting that she was not being fully appreciated. She claimed that when I first met her and broached the subject of sex she said there was no problem. She told me her problem was drinking too much. Her comment was, what ever my husband of family wants that's what I do. She did not recognize that what they were asking of her was controlling and denigrating. She didn't realize how much emotional pain she stored ever time she was not sexually satisfied.
This is a transcript of Fannie's (dream) fantasy as she told it to me:
When I masturbate I use my vibrator to help me cum. The fact that I use one is classified. None of my family, including my husband knows I use it. Here is my secrete fantasy.

I pick up my vibrator and walk into our dark bedroom and flip on the lights. Everything in the room is gone, except the mattress that belonged on the bed is on the floor and my husband is naked and taped to a chair in the corner. This mouth is also taped.

Before I can react I am pushed from behind and three naked men with huge cocks push me into the bedroom. Two of them hold me and a third takes out a knife and precedes to cut away my dress. I am standing there in my bra and panties. The panties go next. He puts the knife away and removes them very slowly pulling them down my legs. Next he sticks his finger right in my pussy. And starts finger fucking me. I am struggling and trying to get away from them, but they are too strong. Soon he pulls up my bra exposing one tit and starts sucking on my nipple. It grows large and hard. One of the other men, reaches over and un-clips my bra and pulls it off me. Both tits, and the nipples pop into view.

I have a nice body and large will shapely tits. They are appreciating stripping me down. Something my husband has not done in 10 years. One of them grabs my pussy and another has me by my tits. Then I'm dragged over to the bed. The third man is laying on his back with his giant hard cock sticking straight up in the air. The two men pick me up and sit me down on top of his cock.

I am being raped, right in front of my husband and I liked him seeing it. Soon a second man puts his huge cock in my mouth, He says, donít bite him. If I bite his cock he will bite my nipples. I started licking and sucking his cock. After all, I don't want to get hurt. Hee Hee

He pushes that huge cock deep in my mouth. I take several really deep breaths and make an attempt at swallowing the whole thing. Including his balls. It almost chokes me. I hold it in my mouth as long as I could. Sucking on it just as hard as I could. Then I slowly withdrew it. Licking and sucking all the way. He is moaning and his body is vibrating.

My husbandís eyes were popping out of his head. That stimulated me more. I like him viewing me in action. Maybe he will realize what he is missing. It makes me give a really fabulous blow job. Over and over I tried to swallow it. It was exciting and really past due.

The cock in my cunt is really deep and feels fabulous. Part of me says struggling and attempt to escape. Yet I am completely aroused. The more the three of us thrashed about. The more I am enjoying the action. Especially those colossal cocks. Every time I think a cock is all the way in. It seems to go deeper. The third man starts rubbing himself down with baby oil, and soon he is pouring baby oil all over me.

Things are getting very slippery. He starts rubbing my body, spreading the oil with one hand. With the other he's got his finger up my ass hole, oiling it real well. I know I was about to get fucked in the ass. I'd never done that before. So I really started to struggle.

The guy with his cock in my mouth, takes it out. I managed to stand up and start running for the door, but the second guy tackled me. And back on the bed I go. We were both covered with baby oil, and having a fierce fight. Neither of us could hang on long enough to do any damage. I slapped him and he slapped me back. Then he turned me over on my stomach and started whacking my ass hard.

I managed to get away again. This time, one of the other men who have been covering himself with oil grabs me. I punched him hard and we fell back down on the mattress. He grabbed me by my by my tits and was trying to drag me around by them. He couldn't hold on to them because of the oil. I went after his balls, which were also very slippery. I was squeezing them. He let out a scream and doubled up. To my surprise I was enjoying the action. I didnít know I could fight that well.

These guys thought they could control me. To their surprise I was in total control of them. All three had covered themselves with oil. They then joined what was turning out to be brawl. It was truly an incredible experience. My tits were being grabbed as we wrestled around. I grabbed one guy by the hair and pulled his head, face first against my pussy. I clamped it tight between my legs. He started gasping for air.

There were gorgeous big cocks coming at me from all directions. I found myself enjoying the feel of them in my hands and being rubbed against my skin. For a while, I had a mouthful of balls. Two of them held me down and the third drove his cock deep in my pussy, and started fucking me hard. His friends turned me loose but kept their hands on my tits.

I guess I could struggled more but truly, I was enjoying the fondling. My husband doesn't pay attention to my tits hardly at all. And as I said I didn't want to be hurt I was truly aroused and rolled him over got up on my hands and knees. Before I could sit on his cock. One of them jumped on my back and grabbed my tits, and we started fucking doggy style. I admit I really was liking it, but I kept on fighting because my husband was watching. Soon I found myself flat on my face, and I could feel a cock slipping into my ass. With all that oil it went right in. I could feel the hands on my tits and fingers inside my pussy.

I finally got my nerve up, and I said there are three of you and only one woman how about I take you on one at a time. They agreed, and I didn't wait one minute I tackled the first guy and down on the bed we went. We were right at the edge, and he was on top and nailed me with his cock deep in my pussy.

He lost his balance and fell back on the floor. I was free of him and jumped to my feet. He jumped to his feet also. We were circling each other like two professional wrestlers. When he got between me and the bed. I charged him, grabbing him by the cock and throwing him down on the bed. I climbed right on top of him and sat right on top of his face. I was smothering him with my pussy. His arms are waving and he kept saying he couldn't breathe. I poured on the pressure and grabbed him by the balls.

The other two were enjoying the show and didn't intervene. His cock had gotten soft, but I decided to hang onto it so he couldn't get up. Suddenly his body goes limp. I stood up and didn't wait. I tackled the second guy, and we started rolling around on the bed. I was going after his cock and balls, He was after my pussy and my tits. Yes we were wrestling. With all that oil nobody could really get a good hold.

He kept going for my tits, and that was his weakness. I soon had my legs clamped tightly around his head. I again using his hair to pull his face tight into my pussy. I was chocking the air right out of him. His cock goes limp and face was turning blue. He soon passes out.

Before I can stand the third guy jumps me rolling me over on my back, and slams his cock right into my cunt. He proceeded to fuck me hard and fast. I knew I was about to cum. His cock was the biggest of them all. It was sinking deep into my pussy. Every time he hit bottom my whole body shakes and soon I am a gusher.

He knows he'd made me cum and takes his cock out of my pussy. I had not realized that he was going soft. He had already ejaculated.

This is where her fantasy ends. She says she always wakes up with a soaking wet pussy. When I discussed with her the basis of this fantasy. She told me she had three older brothers that she used to wrestle with all the time. She often beat them. She said it pretty much ended when she developed boobs.

She's one of those women who thoroughly enjoy sex, and most men can't keep up with them. She's not a nymphomaniac. She is just a female that completely enjoys sex. She is 49 now, and more interested in sex than ever. She is doing her best to suppress her own desires, because she lives in a sexless marriage.

The problem is. She is unfulfilled. I tried to introduce her to phone or cybersex. I think she really needs it. No matter how much I tried. She is hesitant, and is embarrassed at the thought. She does what her husband wants, but forgets about herself. She uses a vibrator sometimes, but most of the time she suppresses her sexual desires by drinking.

The number of times that I have heard married women saying they surprise their sexual desires would fill a notebook. Some have never had an orgasm. Any of you who have ever gone to a male strip club realizes that women suppress their sexual appetite. They are rowdier than any of the guys at a female strip club. That's because they have stored the passion for so long! When it breaks loose itís an orgasmic explosion.